baker & thompson: never made it to the rsc
Saturday October 02nd 2010, 1:02 am
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myself and comedy duo mastermind jonathan baker will be debutting (is that how you spell it? looks rude) our new show ‘baker & thompson never made it to the rsc’ at this year’s edinburgh festival


here’s the blurb:

two actors both alike in having no dignity left reflect on their own shakespearean tragedies ‘intelligent, outrageous, hilarious… laugh out loud funny ***** – lovefringe’, ‘blisteringly funny, devastating punchlines **** – three weeks

kitty go miaow miaow back in london!
Saturday October 02nd 2010, 12:57 am
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my fabulous show ‘kitty go miaow miaow presents…’ will be on at the etc theatre on friday 21st oct

LoveFringe say: ‘For all those who love and hate popular culture, Katrina’s intelligent, outrageous, hilarious show is sheer delight. Enjoy!’ *****katie-kitty-b_w

hamwehads rule… check out our **** review!
Saturday October 02nd 2010, 12:53 am
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The Hamwehads – Free
The Kat’s Whiskers

Delightfully silly in places, ‘The Hamwehads’ is a wacky, if somewhat slapdash hour of puppetry, storytelling, and catchy jingles. The three performers are versatile and charismatic; the young crowd warm to them quickly, and are whole-heartedly willing to participate and shout encouragement, including the rousing pantomime favourite “he’s behind you!” on numerous occasions. Noisy, pacey, and a bit chaotic, the story of Asa and Lola’s quest to get home rattles along swiftly, meaning children don’t get bored and restless; it’s pleasing to see such an effortless connection being made with kids. Lovely furry puppets, a wickedly funny moment involving silly string, and some old-fashioned toilet humour make this a wonderfully daft performance.

Laughing Horse@The Three Sisters, 6 – 19 Aug (not 16), 12.00am, free, fpp 13

tw rating: 4/5

published: Aug-2010