HURRICANE KATRINA ETC - taking camden by storm!*

*No, don’t worry this is not a message from some sick theatrical type nostradamus who really hates amy winehouse, spanish tourists in buffalo boots and all things camden, it’s an invite to the paciest, raciest most original and (vaguely) heart-warming comedy you’ll watch this year!

wednesday 12th november
etc theatre
call: 020 7482 4857 for £5 tickets!



There is no excuse not to go see Hurricane Katrina; this blisteringly funny character comedy show is funnier than many shows from the big names of the festival, and what’s more, it’s absolutely free! The succession of different characters - Katrina’s fictional multiple personalities - serve as vehicles for a rapid fire bombardment of hilariously cutting jokes, just on the right side of inappropriate. From time to time Katrina builds up a sense of pathos for her creations, only to pull the rug from under you with a devastating punchline. The only disappointment is that the entire performance is only half an hour long. This show deserves more exposure, and a bigger audience, so go see it, then tell your friends, and go see it again.

Who is HURRICANE KATRINA? She doesn’t know herself, and during this half hour show she wants to find out. Is it the people she’s met and the experiences she’s had that have made her this way? Or was she just born a twonk (her mother’s school of thought)?

Join Katrina, a rubbish prostitute, a human rights ‘appasionata’ and a very special schoolgirl called Amber on this whirlwind journey through Katrina’s life stories.


HURRICANE KATRINA is written and performed by Katrina Thompson an actress, comedienne and compere. Katrina won Best Actress at the Sitcom Trials 2007.

‘Blissful comedy, a powerful acting talent’ say Fringe Report.