Sweet As


Sweet As
Written by Symon Parsons and Caro Sharman.
Directed by Maggie Inchley

Winner of The Sitcom Trials 2007: Best Sitcom. Best Ensemble.

One clueless Pom accidentally fills his house with Kiwi lodgers and finds himself thrust into cultural mayhem…

Will geeky Keith find a soul mate? Will Caro find out Danelle’s dark secret? Has Tyler left his penis down under?

And just what is that Brazilian chick about to do with a 10 inch black intruder?

Sweet As is about being with friends in a foreign country. Surviving on tuna and pot noodles. Getting ratarsed, spewing, shagging and missing your mum.

We were going to do social commentary as well but bugger that.

“blissful comedy and a powerful acting talent” - Fringe Report

Sweet As - Faecal History from Katrina Thompson on Vimeo.